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Who we are

Since 2015, we have been taking care of all technology hassles while our clients continue to focus on growing their business and revenues while enjoying all the benefits of managed technology services.

Est 2015

New York, NY

What we do

SantizoTek® is a managed technology services company that facilitates choice, simplicity, and performance for ecommerce, startups, established businesses and companies looking to scale. Our customers and clients have the choice of a la carte services – website design, development (including dedicated hosting), static QR codes, 5 star reviews and managed services – eCommerce, Digital Displays, Check-In/Order Kiosks, Dynamic QR codes, Web Accessibility, Search Engine Optimization, SMS/Email Marketing, and Digital Advertising.

The SantizoTek® Pro Stack, our custom-built technology stack is designed to deliver a strong web presence, lighting fast response, low page load time, optimal user experience and sustained performance for your digital consumers. Our Platform ensures that you continue to focus on your business as our tech engineers take care of updating & maintaining your technology.

Brand Logos

The multiple thick rectangular blocks represent the various solutions we provide to our clients. These blocks come together to create the globe that represents the global coverage of our business. The unconnected blocks to the right represent the ever growing nature of SantizoTek® where new features and services are added based on both client-stated and unstated needs.

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